It was found out why men pay for sex


Some men believe that a phenomenon of paid sex is an addiction. A team of scholars, the majority of those are young women, surveyed more than 100 men from the USA, having an experience of relations with prostitutes, in order to shed light on reasons why men use paid love, ANI informs. As a result, it was found out that the majority of men believe that there is no anything wrong or immoral in prostitution, and 83 percent of men called paid sex a form of addiction.

It turns out that many men believe that women do that voluntarily. Just some of them believe that sex trade influences prostitutes negatively. 57 percent of surveyed said that prostitutes, they paid to, were subjected to violence from childhood. About 40 percent of men confessed that they had paid sex being drunk.

Many men perceive relations with a prostitute exclusively in a business sense. Pay for service allows, in their opinion, to do with a woman whatever they want, and she must not refuse. A woman of this profession is perceived as a product, which can be bought during shopping. An aim of this research was lobbing for a proposal to toughen legislation towards to men using services of prostitutes, cause 90 percent of surveyed said that they would stop using paid sex services if that threatened them with administrative or criminal punishment.

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Bite of a poisonous spider can cure impotence

erectile dysfuntion treament with poison

Scholars have found an opportunity of erectile dysfunction treatment using poison of Brazilian wandering spider Phoneutria nigriventer, whose bite is very painful and may cause death, MIGnews informs. Initially, scholars were attracted by reports that consequences of poison cause a prolonged and painful erection. Also there were reports that victims of Phoneutria nigriventer’s bite have an improved quality of sexual life.

Specialists made a research, which lasted two years. As a result, they found out that this effect can be caused by toxin Tx2-6 which is contained in poison of the spider. Experiments with animals backed up that supposition.

Now, specialists of Medical College of Georgia are continuing studying properties of Tx2-6. According to results of their work, a decision about expediency of poison using in medicine will be made. Researchers suppose that using Tx2-6 with existing preparations can increase effectiveness of erectile dysfunction treatment. Read also this article.

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Viagra begins working in 14minutes!

Effect of Viagra, interesting research

It was shown in a research among men with erectile dysfunction that taking Viagra (Sildenafil citrate) with a 100 milligram dose in a third of cases already in 14 minutes causes appearance of an adequate erection, sufficient for successful sexual intercourse. Results of the research were published in Urology journal. “Speed of effect is just one from those factors which should be taken into account during choosing a remedy for ED treatment” – Harin Padma-Nathan said. Harin Padma-Nathan is a urology professor of the University of South Carolina, School of Medicine.

“However, it can be important for patients and doctors, that according to data of published researches no preparation surpassed Viagra in speed of effect.”

228 men with ED were randomized in a double blind research. They had been taking Viagra at least for two months before it. They were prescribed to taking either Viagra or placebo during 2 weeks. Patients were 60 years old on average and had been suffering from medium-hard or hard erectile dysfunction during 7 years on average.

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It will be possible to use cream instead of Viagra

alternative to viagra, cialis, levitra is found

A cream allowing dealing with erectile dysfunction, having an effect after applying on skin, can make, in the future, a taking remedies for stimulation of erection safer, American scientists maintain.

Researchers made an experiment with rats and determined that preparations Viagra, Levitra и Cialis can get in the skin, being in the very small capsules. Such taking of preparations will decrease side effects, and, besides, will be able to accelerate an effect of medicines, specialists believe. The research was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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Cocktail better than Viagra is found in Africa

Cocktails, Bark of trees, herbal Viagra alternative, STALLION XL

A bar on the San-Tome Island, which is near the western coast of Africa, has begun captivating clients by local elixir of male power. A big glass bottle with a mysterious brown liquid is on the most visible place in the bar. It’s written on the label “Pilolo Atomico”. According to a local dialect that means “atomic penis”. “It’s so popular that even the president talks about it”, – Mary Goao Pombu – owner of the bar is surprised. According to her, the main ingredients are local brandy and a bark of a few trees. “However, we spice it with cinnamon and so on, therefore it’s very bitter. They say, here in San-Tome, that it drives horny”, – Pombu says.

She went to the Island five years ago, and one and a half years ago she began selling the potion. Stories of local residents convinced her that it had a great commercial potential. “I knew that local residents here ate a bark of local trees, for example, a bread tree, and washed it down with “hot drink (that is an alcohol), – Pumbu says. – And I decided to mix up those ingredients and bottle them in the bottles”. Besides increasing potency a bark of that tree has a lot of other medicinal characteristics, which are used in national medicine. For example, it helps if you have abdominal pain and hernia, and gives power for long walking.

The name Pilolo Atomico was made up in the bar. “I noticed some hint in the name, however, I didn’t know what it meant. – She explains, – then the drink became popular, and I decided to register its name. But they didn’t allow me to do it. Then I found out that pilolo meant penis”. Not everybody is convinced in miraculous power of the potion. Sceptics say that the cocktail is popular because of its name. However, regulars of the bar are enraptured. “When I drink only a glass of pilolo, I am up for twelve hours. Believe, it really works! – One from the regulars by the name Miguel says –It’s only necessary a beautiful woman to be with you”.

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Time for sex: when is it better?

Biological clock, Biorhythms, Sex, Herbal Viagra alternative, natural Viagra alternativesSexual desire is not always mutual. You are burning with desire, looking forward to a passionate night, but your girlfriend is only dreaming about sleeping. But then in the morning, instead of watching the end of dreams, women strive for sexual exploits. Or the wrong way.

Such mismatches are widespread enough and caused by “work” of an individual intimate clock. Women’s love passion often wakes up in the evening, men, on the contrary, prefer morning sex. German academic Peter Platz, specializing in sexology and chronobiology, developed schedules of sexual desire for men and women in different time of a day and determined periods of time when passion of the both partners has the same level.

5 o’clock in the morning

Men experience an active producing of testosterone, affecting on man’s libido in the first instance. It’s time of erotic dreams and fantasies.

8 o’clock in the morning

Male sexual activity reaches its peak; however female hormones haven’t yet begun working.

10 o’clock in the morning

Testosterone level in male organism stabilizes, however in an hour the second wave of sexual desires begins. Alas, woman’s passion hasn’t even woken up, her hormones make itself known only at noon.

16 o’clock in the evening

So long-awaited time of passion has come! Partners’ libido at last has reached the same level. This hour would be ideal for love enjoyments and conception of children, but is it easy to withdraw for realizing of frivolous desires at the height of business day?

17-19 o’clock in the evening

Love aspirations of partners die down, organism needs time for rest, however after 7 PM male libido begins increasing. Unfortunately, a woman can’t reciprocate his feeling again.

23 o’clock in the evening

Female sexuality is rapidly growing and is reaching its peak, but men, tired by violence of hormones during the long day, is dreaming only about a quiet sleep…..

Day in, day out loving people live in unmatched rhythms….however is the situation so hopeless?

In Doctor Platz opinion, knowing biorhythms of a close person and attentive attitude to his or her sexual needs is capable of solving any problem. Devoting days off or vacation to studying work of own intimate clock and intimate clock of a partner, you will be able to select an optimum time for intimacy. And even in cases of serious mismatches of activity, it’s possible to learn managing a level of libido. For example, sport causes splash of testosterone, if we are talking about men, and a segment of chocolate will help a woman to be disposed to romantic wave before intimacy. In old age, you can use herbal Viagra alternative – analog of Viagra (you can read about it in other articles on this site) or medicinal preparation.

In this way, just a practice is needed, and you’ll be able to reach an activity level of your partner and successfully manage your own sexuality.

Watching porn movies can cause impotence

Porn, Researches, Erectile dysfunctionWatching porn movies can cause impotence, Britain scientists maintain. Scientists made a research in which a few thousand of volunteers at the age of 25-45 took part in.

Researchers concentrated attention on how long men watched porn. It turns out, that the men, who watch erotic movies regularly, two times oftener suffer from prostatitis, than other men.

In researchers’ opinion, it can be explained by this: constant overexcitement causes troubles with a normal functioning of genitals. If an erection isn’t finished by ejaculation, that causes stagnation of venous blood and issues with sexual function.

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Candy for erectile dysfunction

Candies, erectile dysfunctionThe famous pharmaceutical company Bayer begins producing candies, which restore male potency. Before that the corporation produced pills for erectile dysfunction similar to Viagra.

Before bulk realization of the product, an oral survey about what men think about effectiveness of such a wonderful pill was made. All surveyed men were regular consumers of a similar produce. Above 40 percent of the surveyed men recognized that, in spite of high enough effectiveness of that remedy, a glass of water is not always near to wash the pill. Due to that pharmacists developed a new form of a preparation – candies. A principle of those candies is similar to using of Validol, however, absorbing is much faster.

Previous experiments on a thousand of men demonstrated, that the new candies are not only convenient in using, but became more popular among men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It may possibly is explained by this new form of preparation allows to take it secretly from a woman, relieving a man of the shame feeling and psychological discomfort, caused by necessity to take the remedy (Viagra).

We wish you all the best and advise to take only herbal and natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Your health!

Impotence from point of view of psychology

impotenceImpotence belongs to a type of problems, which is not done to discuss about. Because of that those problems become more depressing for a man. What’s more that he has some “fault” in his life, besides he is alone in this situation. The second person who is usually up on man’s erectile dysfunction is a woman. But she can make a mistake during reacting too. However, about that later.

Today, we’ll talk about erectile dysfunction, what it is, what its reasons (psychological) are and what ways of psychological help exist.

So, erectile dysfunction (impotence) – is weakening of erection to such an extent that sexual intercourse becomes impossible. Such a disease can have two types of reasons: organic and psychological. Reasons have clear enough distinctions from each other. Organic erectile dysfunction has a gradual beginning with a growing dynamics, night erection and any spontaneous erection are lacking. In case of organic impotence sexual desire is preserved, however sexual intercourse is impossible not depending on a situation and mood. Psychological impotence, on the contrary, is sudden and depends on psychological state, situation, people very much. If there is a psychogenic impotence, then night and any other erections don’t disappear, and the dysfunction progresses against a background of problems in a relationship. A statistic shows that above 70 percents of impotency cases have psychological nature.

Any man, recorded his erectile dysfunction should visit a doctor to exclude all organic reasons and only after that visit a psychologist.

In case of psychological impotence, the ancient principle works – our thoughts can materialize. However, we forgot about it. In this way, everything what is in our soul or mind can have an effect on our body.

Reasons, caused impotence in any actual case, are different and require an individual approach.

erectile dysfunctionSometimes, potency and sexual power can be the central problem. And this question can play a very important role for a man’s self-respect. Such men consider their sexual appetite and potency to be subject of pride and are very afraid of losing it. There is no doubt that for every man this question is important, however, here we are talking about excessive importance of potency. Such a man is extremely unsure of himself; however, he demonstrates self-confidence to everybody. He is afraid of failures, blunders, and it’s absolutely logical that in some moment he loses everything what he’s afraid of losing. Related situation is the beginning of a relationship. A man feels a necessity to make an impression on a woman, therefore he worries and turns out weak.

Besides, psychological impotence can be a consequence of other events, which happens in life. Let’s take an example of work and career. For a woman this question can be main question or secondary, but for a man this is the way of self-actualization, it’s source of income, which is so necessary for a family. And success in work becomes the main task in man’s life. Problems at work, difficult situation, tensions or intolerable situation can have an effect on potency and become a signal for a man, that it’s necessary to solve the accumulated issues.

Now, let’s turn to the question what to do?

Remedies for increasing potency


Male potency

According to the last researches, adult 20-50 years-old men have 8 coituses per month on average, and age isn’t too important, on the contrary, the scatter turned out extremely great. Average data of male potency take shape only as a result of a survey and don’t relate to the concrete man, because a potency depends on many factors, first of all, it depends on physical condition, relationship with a partner, external circumstances. Coitus among happy couples occurs very often, and if the relationship is stable, the couples have it oftener than lonely people do. The term “potentia generandi” means the ability to conceive a child, the special function, which not necessary depends on “potentia coeundi”. The unimpaired ability of coitus, in this way, doesn’t allow making conclusion about a normal ability of conception; a special research is needed in this case.

Increasing potency

Unfortunately not every man can boast about good potency. The reasons of a lowering of potency can be, for example, a sedentary way of life – owing to worsening blood supply of genitals, shortage of necessary substances in the organism, inflammatory disease and other reasons.

The problem of increasing potency concerns every second man. Some men complain about insufficiently strong erection, other men complainabout premature ejaculation.

There are some ways to increase potency:

Increasing potency – medical treatment and courses of treatment.

Increasing potency – specially selected exercises.

Increasing potency – balanced diet

In fact, very often in the basis of lowering potency quite concrete reasons lie, being an object of medical research. According to the results of epidemiological researches it was determined, that nowadays 15% of marriages don’t give offspring, moreover 40%-50% couples are childless because of male sex function violation. American researchers say, that more than 50% of 40-year-old  men (and older) suffer impotence. At the same time, only 10% sick persons go to a doctor. A reason is plain – for those men the words “low potency” arouse in imagination the picture of defeat, debility, a shortage of masculinity. Besides, violation in sex life expects delicacy during the discussion, because a patient can entrust not every doctor with his intimate problems.

According to data of researches the most widespread sexual dysfunction among men is erectile dysfunction.

That term means an inability to reach or to maintain an erection, sufficient for satisfaction sexual activity.

Impotence is a total sexual debility and is found seldom. To be the basis of erectile dysfunction are different violations. In the majority of cases, those are different dysfunctions of organs. For instance, one of the most widespread reasons is cardiovascular diseases. Specialists consider that erectile dysfunction may be examined as a certain display of general faults in cardiovascular system and factors, promoting development erectile dysfunction, also promote development others, many serious cardiovascular problems: heart attack and stroke.

Stable and proper potency is ensured by healthy vessels. If a vessel wall is affected as it is having atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, smoking, and so forth, then erectile dysfunction would be one from a possible manifestation. There are other reasons of erectile dysfunction – the most widespread are stress and psychology dysfunction. It’s quite intelligibly – the nervous system has an influence on all processes in an organism, and the process of erection depends on emotional state. That shows once again, that a human’s organism is not a set of organs, but a united system.

Mumijo with honey and yolk cannot  only save a man from low potency, but improve a quality of his sperm. Besides, for improving potency and for normalization of prostate gland function zinc and selenium are needed. There isa lot of zinc in aloe, birch buds and galangal. There are lots of selenium in nuts, leafs of blackcurrant bush, coltsfoot, seeds of pumpkin. Special preparations containing selenium will solve the problem of shortage of selenium. 50-100 micrograms of selenium would be enough. Extra weight lowers potency because fat tissue behaves as a hormonal gland.

These plants will help to improve potency: bay leaf, rosemary, ginger, juniper, cinnamon, celery, parsley, cilantro, sage, oats, bilberry, wild strawberry, saffron. All spicy seasoning increase potency because those irritate urogenital tract, and that causes a supply of blood to genitals. Nowadays, it’s demonstrated, that celery not only rejuvenates, but stimulates the work of gonads. Rue, anise, asparagus have similar properties.

We wish you luck! Be careful!